Episode 69 - Glean

Glean is an audio note taking software which has now replaced Sonocent . Incorrect website in the broadcast it is glean.co if you want to take a look

Can you use the microphone on the Apple keyboard without connecting to the Internet?

I always get a sense of satisfaction when I find a way to solve someone’s difficulty. Listen to this tale of visual impairment and Zoom

Episode 66 - free3dhands

Here’s an Assitive Technology that sounds a great idea . Creating 3D printed hands for third world countries at low cost. Really good idea! Also we di...View Details

Episode 64 - Sequences

Sequences are part of lives even though we might not be aware of it - getting dressed, cooking a meal, go shopping and paying at the automatic checkou...View Details

Digital Lifeline Project is a joint project with The Good Things Foundation and AbilityNet. It provides devices to lesson isolation for people living ...View Details

Joysticks an alternative input to the normal mouse. Bluetooth Joysticks can be used on iOS or Android mobile devices

Feedback and information from BATA’s recent conference

Episode 61 - AbilityNet

AbilityNet are a charity setup to help Seniors and those with Disabilities to access and use their computers . It’s Free service . For help and inform...View Details

Are you an organisation or company that employees people with disabilities? Do you want to learn how to ? Go to https://bataonline.org.uk/articles/you...View Details

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